“the propshaft specialists”

ISAZI PROPSHAFT is a leading manufacturer of special
purpose propshafts and uses the latest in balancing
technologies to repair and service most major brands of
propshafts and propshaft components in the marketplace.


We are “the propshaft specialists”



Our vision is simple: “We wish for all vehicle owners,  mining and industrial customers,  in South Africa to be serviced by our team and to ensure that they experience our professional propshaft service”.


Our mantra is our guiding principle and we believe it when we give our promise to a customer.

“We are the propshaft specialists”

Wide Range

ISAZI PROPSHAFT carries a wide range of component parts of the major propshaft brands, new propshafts as well as refurbished propshafts.

This wide selection ensures that your request can be fulfilled with ease and makes it easier to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

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